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The Ramblings of a Wendy-Bird

((my life in fast forward))


un: about me

Hello! My name is Wendy, and if we're friends on here then you probably don't know me in real life. I love to dance, read, and write. I'm currently attending my dream university where I'm currently studying in the journalism school. Some of my favorite books include Harry Potter, Pride and Prejudice, Peter Pan, and The Sookie Stackhouse Mystery series. I'm a sucker for anything romantic and funny, so of course I love romantic comedies.

deux: my fanfiction

There's a very good chance we're lj friends because we're also friends on ff.net! You might know me by my writing: my two loves are the Harry Potter fandom and the Peter Pan fandom, though I've been known to read anything, from Teen Titans to 27 Dresses. Otherwise, you might know me as the head mod of the Reviews Lounge, Too. We're a great forum/community that tries to spotlight under-reviewed stories. Look below for a link!

trois: let's be friends?

Right now I'm only accepting friend requests for people who I "know." (I.E, we have some internet connection.) If you want to be added, send me a message and explain your connection. Otherwise, thanks for looking me up, but for safety reasons I'll have to decline. If you're interested in getting to know me and have a fanfiction account, feel free to stop by the RLt forum; I'd love to befriend you there!

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